Monday, August 10, 2009

More Miller's To Sort Out!

Orphan’s Court proceedings of Newcastle County, DE (975.11P2):


p. 23: MILLER: 22 May 1746. James Miller to court as administrator of estate of Robert Morrison, taylor, dec’d.

p. 139: MILLER: 20 Feb 1760. Petition of Mary Blackburn (sister and co-heir with Abraham Miller, Robert Miller and the children of James Miller, dec’d) of Samuel Miller of Newcastle Hd, yeoman, dec’d, who died intestate; she receives 1/5 of the estate.

Newcastle Land Records:

Newcastle Hd, Samuel Miller, son of Donald Miller deceased, named in a land deal dated 21 Feb. 1749.

So if you combine these records, it looks like there is an Abraham Miller, son of Samuel Miller, son of Donald Miller, with Abraham's siblings being Mary, Robert and James.

More puzzle pieces!

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