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TAX LISTS 1777 – 1779 - Newcastle Co, DE

Microfilm #6531 (partially indexed), researched at FHL in Salt Lake City,
June 2008, by Donna Snider

• Could only find records from 1777, 1778, and a small number of 1779, on this microfilm
• Some of the records were indexed by last name, some by first name, and some not indexed at all. Each Hundred was indexed separately for each year. At the end of each Hundred, there were many un-indexed names.
• This was an original record, handwritten, very disorganized. Some pages hard to read.
• There are some unusual spellings or misspellings (such as Read Lion instead of Red Lion).
• Meaning of number following name not given in record

Read Lyon Hd.
John Allen

St. George’s Hd.
John Allen – 5
William Bradford – 12

Appoquin. Hd.
Wm. Bradford – 8

White Clay Creek Hd.
Isaac Miller – 8
James Miller – 5
John Allen – 8
Andrew Allen – 12
Samuel Bradford – 10

Mill Creek Hd.
Samuel Bradford – 10

Christiana Hd.
Abr Miller – 13
(also found last names: Allen, Allison, Sarah McDowell, Springer & Grubbs; no Bradfords)

Pencader Hd.
Hance Miller – 4
Bravard - 3
(also Allen’s and Allison’s)

Newcastle Hd.
David Miller
(also Allen’s, Wm. Blackburn, and James LaFaver)

(no other Hundreds not found)

Mill Creek Hd.
Allen Springer
James Miller - 5

Red Lyon Hd.
Henry Gibson
John Miller
John McDowell

Christiana Hd.
Sarah McDowels
Hance Miller
Ab ___ ? [name cut off]
Abnear Bradford

White Clay Creek Hd.
Isaac Miller
John McDowell
Andrew Allen
John Allen
Samuel Bradford

Pencader Hd.
Allen’s and Bravards

Brandywine Hd.

Newcastle Hd.
Wm. Bradford
David Miller
Joseph Allen

(no other Hundreds found for 1778)


St. George’s Hd.
Wm Bradford

1779 (continued)

Appoqu. Hd.
William Bradford

Mill Creek Hd
Samuel Bradford

(no other Hundreds found)

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