Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Enigmatic Rebecca

Picture - Early Elkton

I don't think I would be far off in saying that we all feel a great closeness to our progenitor, Rebecca Bradford Miller, and yet she is one of the persons we know so little about! To my knowledge, she is named in only one semi-primary source - a transcription of Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland marriage licences.

That she was William Miller's wife is also mentioned in a few DAR sources. And we are indebted to her grandson George Washington Allen for listing the basics, birth, marriage & death info, as well as children's names in The Allen Family Record.

But there is precious little information to "flesh out" her life story...except for one nugget contained in an intriguing old email from a Mike Miller (is anyone still in touch with Mike?):

"You will notice the difference in ages of William Miller and his wife [Rebecca Bradford]. I have heard Mother say it was told her, he used to visit the Bradford family when Rebecca was a baby in the cradle and would say he was going to have her for his wife when she grew up, as so he did. -written by Sallie Allen, l904." [if anyone has further details about this story, we would love to hear from you].

From these bits and snatches, I will try to piece together Rebecca's life story in the next few posts. If you have more information about Rebecca, please leave it in the Comments section below or email it to me, and I will include it in these write-up's. I feel a great love for this good lady, and I hope we learn even more about her in the future.

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