Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Letter From One Of Our Members!

Dear Family,

Below is a delightful letter from a long-time member of our group, Bill Miller, including a picture of his father and grandfather ( would not under any circumstances let me add the third picture of Bill himself, so I will have to add it separately...sorry). Thanks Bill, for heeding my call for all members to do a write-up about themselves!

Bill writes

Dear Donna,

A bunch of Millers headed to Kansas in the mid-1800's via Ohio and plopped down in Osage City. My folks begat me in Topeka, my mom yanked me to Virginia where I grew up and now I'm sunning myself in Central Florida when it's not too humid to be outside. That's my life minus thousands of details. I'm a hack genealogist whose main mission is to layout a roadmap for others to prove. I must be ADD because the sourcing of facts drives me nuts!:)

None-the-less, I think my map is pretty legit. So I leave that to future generations and you guys because you're so good at it. I will beg of you to keep up the good work that you share so faithfully. Because, like you, I get a total rush learning about the tidbits of info that bring my ancient ancestors to life. I wish I could sit down to dinner with them all and hear their stories. Thanks so much for the blog. There's so much interesting, good stuff.

Abraham begat John Blackburn Miller,
John begat William Wesley,
WW begat William Jesse,
WJM begat William Jesse Miller, Jr.,
WJM Jr. begat William Huffman Miller (me)
and WHM begat Jesse Marie Miller (my sweet daughter).

Most humbly,

William Huffman Miller (please call me Bill)

William Jesse Miller (Bill's grandfather)

William Jesse Miller (Bill's father)

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  1. Hi all - I just opened up a new post in order to publish the third picture (of Bill) and it would not let me do it. As ever, am trying to find time to look for a better venue for our that doesn't give me such fits! (sorry Bill...will keep trying!) - donna


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