Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Research Challenge

Strabane, Ireland

Current research indicates that William Miller's grandfather, David Miller (born about 1665), came from Ireland, probably from an area a mile or two northwest of Lifford (the "seat" of County Donegal) called Ballindrait. He was married to Jane Dunlap, the daughter of Ninian Dunlap (to brush up on info about Ninian, put "Dunlap" in the "Search This Blog" box and it will pull up three previous posts on this subject)

At the following site is information about a famous Dunlap family from the nearby village of Strabane. Go to the link below and scroll down to the next to last entry entitled "John Dunlap of Strabane" (I apologize that this would not come through as a hot link, so you will have to cut and paste it).

YOUR CHALLENGE: Let's all get out there into cyberspace and see if we can link our Dunlap's with the Dunlap's of Strabane. As you read the information at this link, I think you will agree that this would be extremely cool!

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