Monday, October 22, 2012

More on County Armagh and the Bradfords

The King's Ring, County Armagh, Ireland
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The Irish Genealogical Foundation's website at: has lots of great information for those tracing their Irish roots, including this book about County Armagh (see link).

Note that in the description of the contents of this book, it mentions that the name Bradford is found in this northern Irish county [bold added]:

     "More settler names are found in Armagh including those of Brownlow; Blacker; McHenry; Boyd, Fraser; Morrison; Patterson; Bradshaw; Lindsay; Bradford; Walker; Jackson; Young; Johnson; Taylor; Wilson; Watson and Johnston. County Armagh includes the towns of Armagh; Keady; Portadown; Lurgan; and Tanderagee.... "

Again, this doesn't prove that our Bradford's were from County Armagh, but it's just one more clue it might be a good place to research, and this book looks like a great starting place.

NOTE: For an absolutely gorgeous picture of County Armagh that is for sale, go to:

Back to the site, click on "Family DNA Project, " then type "Bradford" into the blue box in the middle. When "Projects" come up, click on "Bradford" to learn more about this work. WE ARE STILL SEARCHING FOR MALE-LINE BRADFORDS WHOSE ROOTS GO BACK TO THE DELMARVA AREA [Delaware, Maryland and Virginia] of the United States who would be willing to undergo an easy cheek swab DNA test. We are especially interested in finding any male-line Bradford who has traced his roots to Samuel Bradford of Red Lion Hundred, Delaware! Please respond to this post (either comment below or send an email to the address listed above) as we would love to help you participate in this project.

Wishing you all a beautiful autumn and happy Bradford ancestor-hunting!

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