Thursday, February 21, 2013

A History of Cecil County Maryland

Here is a wonderful book that might be of great interest to us, the descendants of the Miller's and Bradford's of Cecil County, Maryland. 

Thanks to the Cecil County blog listed below
for bringing this book to light. According to this site:

A second edition of At the Head of the Bay:  A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County Maryland by Pamela James Blumgart is finally back in print.  This sought after hardcover title, which was originally published in 1996, is available from the Historical Society of Cecil County for $75. 
 This well-illustrated volume interprets the incredibly diverse stock of historic buildings in Cecil County for local history buffs and architectural historians alike. Beginning with the prehistoric period and continuing through the mid-twentieth century, the authors offer a history of the county as a context for its architectural heritage, as well as a detailed discussion of the style and form of houses built by county residents during the past 300 years. These insightful discussions are followed by an inventory of county buildings, both prominent and ordinary, that gives the reader a sense of the wealth of history in the county. Photographs, maps, floor plans, and paintings, many of them historic images, illustrate both the history and the buildings. Hardcover, 506 pages, $75.00." (Source: )
This entry is almost three years old, so hopefully the book is still available. There are other wonderful posts at this site and I would highly advise it to all who are researching in Cecil County, Maryland.

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