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Hitting Head On The Wall !!!

Old New Castle town, New Castle County, Delaware
Dear Readers,

Taking another break from the Abraham Miller/Holland series of posts in order to explain why I am hitting my head on the wall right now!

I spent a little time on the Mocavo Genealogy Search Engine looking for our William Miller this evening, and just came across this listing of New Castle County Delaware Marriages. Remember that land records indicate William lived in New Castle County when he was younger, and that many of the Miller's had land in that county as well as nearby Cecil County, Maryland. It seems that they moved back and forth between these very close-lying areas regularly.

If you peruse down the list, you will see seven William Miller's!! Granted, we can toss out the two who married in the 1840's and for good measure the one who married in 1820. That leaves four William Miller's living in the same general area and time period as our William, and whose land, court, military, etc. records we may have been incorrectly attributing to our William!

Arghhh !

Here is the record. Would really appreciate any input! - Donna

FHL Film Number 0006414 to 0006422

Submitted by a Friend of Free Genealogy
This is a transcription of a transcription. You need to take the time to confirm ALL data for yourself!"

William Millar Rhoda Heaton 24 May 1794
Richard Millason Ann Millason 11 Feb 1789
David Millen Margaret Kennedy 8 Nov 1787
Abraham Miller Mary O'Neil 17 Sep 1828
Alexander Miller Beats Turner 13 Jul 1752
Andrew Miller Ann Silsbee 1 Jan 1789
Archibald Miller Jane Boyd 4 Sep 1758
Benjamin Miller Hannah Martin 30 Jul 1771
Frederick Miller Catherine Graubein 6 Jun 1758
George Miller Sarah Taylor 31 Dec 1801
George Miller Susannah Bird 1 Jan 1744
Hannah Miller Rachel Paulson 11 Oct 1756
James Miller Jane Enkins 4 Feb 1768
James Miller Mary Miller 1 Jan 1744
John Miller Rebecca Reynolds 20 Feb 1809
John Miller Eleanor Latimer 3 Jan 1788
John Miller Margaret Scott 21 Jan 1813
John Miller
27 Mar 1772
John Miller Anne Thompson 9 Sep 1754
Joseph Miller Sarah Garland 11 Mar 1834
Joseph Miller Margaret Sharp 15 Oct 1761
Joshua Miller Sarah Davis 17 Jul 1799
Levi Miller Mary Razell 27 Dec 1819
Levi Miller Esther Ann Martin 25 Jan 1825
Martin Miller Ann Justison 26 Sep 1832
Robert Miller Ann Vance 2 Dec 1816
Robert Miller Jane Eliza Burke 25 Jul 1835
Robert Miller Ann Miller 28 Nov 1816
Samuel Miller Elisabeth Smyth 26 Apr 1827
Tholly Miller Mary MacFadden 19 Sep 1756
Thomas Miller Lavinia Ann Townsend 14 May 1840
William Miller Elizabeth Walker 1 Apr 1820
William Miller Jean Magee 1 Jun 1746
William Miller Sarah Hall 23 Jun 1759
William Miller Hannah Hancy 31 May 1789
William Miller Rebecca McMullen 31 May 1845
William Miller Elizabeth Chamberlain 21 Oct 1796
William H. Miller Eliza Tatem 1 Jan 1846

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  1. Donna - the William Miller who married Elizabeth Chamberlain (At Old Swedes Church in Wilmington) on 21 Oct 1796 was a son of James Miller (1745-1809) and Jane Elliot(t) (d. 1813) of New Garden Township, Chester County, PA. James Miller in turn was son of James Miller (1693 (Ireland)-1774 (New Garden) and Ann Cain (also born Ireland, died New Garden 1785). The James born in 1693 was a son of John Miller (b. ca. 1660, Ireland) and Mary Ignew, both of whom settled in New Garden Township, Chester County, PA in 1709, and on whose land the original New Garden Friends Meetinghouse was built.

    That's one William down! Hope this helps.



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