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More Information From Member, Don Lancaster

Here is more information from follower Don Lancaster about his ancestors in Cecil County, MD: 

I believe Foard is interchangeable with Ford.

We are trying to see if there is a connection between the Lancasters and the our Millers via the Fords (see previous post for more information). 

PLEASE NOTE:  The last paragraph below mentions that William Miller was co-owner of a mill with Richard Ford in Cecil County, MD.  The land record that I have (which I will try to publish in the next post) says that William and Rebecca own this land that they previously purchased for a "water mill" and are selling it to Richard Ford and to William's brother, Benjamin Miller in September 1780.

Hispaniola & Bullen's Range is another piece of the history of the Fords, Biddle, and Alexander Family through William Bouldin.

His son Richard and Mary Hews daughter, Mary Tamizon Bouldin, married Richard Foard part of that property was willed to his wife and Richard Foard, sister Tamizon Foard, married Eli Alexande brother of David and son of Martin Alexander.

Another Brother of Richard Foard George and John, George had two daughter’s that married into Bouldin family and John Foard, son Richard Sr daughter Sarah married a Biddle sister of my 4th Grt Grandmother Lydia Rebecca Foard Lancaster.

I also have an Abraham Miller that I don’t think is of the Millers of Washington Co Md he married a Mary Zeller abt 1808.  This date is of when it was filed so they may have married before abt 1804.

I have a Jesse Hollingsworth of Cecil Co Hollingsworth,  make a very large land transaction to a John Miller of Washington Co in 1792  we believe that Daniel B Miller is the Father of Abraham.

Also Mary Zeller Miller remarried 1810 to a Nathaniel Cromwell and she dies in 1824

My Lancaster family married into the Ford Family as I had said before the grandfather of this marriage was an Uncle to Sarah Husbands and she married a Col Henry Hollingsworth brother of Jesse Hollingsworth.

And the Richard Ford Jr, co-owner with William Miller on that mill was brother-in-law to the Lancaster/Ford Marriage.  My 3rd Grt Grandfather was John W Miller Born 1805-1887, and he named his son’s Daniel W, John Luther, Jacob Andrew, and David Zeller miller.

Thanks for the information Don (I thought I posted this last year, but I just found it in "Drafts"...sorry Don!).

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