Sunday, May 11, 2014

William Miller's Mother

The parents of William Miller are Abraham and Rosannah Miller. While Abraham appears in several records and we can get a small feel for his life, as was common in that era not much can be found about the women. The name of Abraham's wife, Rossannah, does appear in the land record below. The third character in her name that looks like an "f" is really how they did an "ss" in old script (the "ss" in the chart at the end of this post is similar, though not exactly the same as the one in the land document, but you get the idea).  A bit further down, her name is spelled Rosannah, and she only made a "mark" for a signature (thus she probably could not read or write), so I'm not sure which spelling is correct. This land record sadly doesn't have a date, but the next entry is 1761, so that is a pretty sure bet for the year.

Cheers to the first one who finds "white oak saplin [sapling?] in the document!

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