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Bradford's of Adams County, Ohio

Below is an old letter (possibly written between 1998-2000) found at the Rootsweb. It concerns different Bradford families in Adams County, Ohio.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all the information, especially of any connection to Governor William Bradford of the Plymouth Colony, but it is for certain that the David Bradford below (in bold) who married Barbara Grimes), was for sure the brother of our Rebecca Bradford Miller (it is important not to confuse this David with his cousin David Bradford of Whiskey Rebellion fame).  The William Braford mentioned below was also a brother to our Rebecca and was married to Margaret Parkinson. Perhaps more research is needed into this branch of the family who went to Adams County. If any of you followers or new readers descend through this branch, or if any knows of the writer of this letter, Joe Bradford of Justin, Texas, please do let me know.   Sincerely, Donna Snider


County Hall, West Union, Adams County, Ohio
“[William Bradford] came to Adams Co. and is buried on Lick Skillet Road. William is the father of this branch in Adams Co. His children were: Eveline b. 1801, Clarinda 1803, Benjamin 1804 See Note #1, David 1806, Samuel 1808 your query, Sophia 1809, Eliza 1811, Sarah 1813, Jane 1815, Rebecca 1818, Mary 1820, Margaret 1824.  Note #1 Benjamin married Nancy Ann Burbage. The Burbage family came to Adams County from Berlin, Worcester Co. Maryland in 1816. ZadakiahBradford married into the Burbage family (Tabitha Burbage) in Worcester Co. Maryland.

Family of Samuel Bradford 1808-1877:  Samuel married Eliza N. Chase Dec 3, 1837. Eliza was b. Oct 22, 1822 d. Dec30 1894. Buried in the Bradford family lot "A". Children were; William 1841-1912 married Naomi Brookover, Martin 1843-1869 was a doctor Parkison 1845-1919 married Lizzy Marvin Marshall 1849-1877, Amos 1850-1904 married Kate H. Power, Samuel Case 1853-1937 married Naomi Tinkler, John 1854-1855, Benjamin Cyrus 1857-1950 married Gertrude Davis.

Adams County, Ohio
There is another Samuel Bradford near his age in Adams County. He is Samuel Grimes Bradford b. Dec 3 1813. His parents were Samuel G. Bradford who married Ruth Shoemaker in Aug 11, 1811 in Adams Co. Capt Samuel G. Bradford was the son of General David Bradford and Barbara Grimes. Capt Samuel Bradford died Aug 13, 1813 (War 1812). General David Bradford 1765-1854 who married Barbara Grimes was the son of Samuel Bradford 1727-1782 and Brother to William Bradford 1770-1862. Most of this family us buried in West Union Twp. Adams Co. This Samuel Bradford 1727-1782 married a Sarah Bradford (daughter of Samuel Bradford of Red Lyons, PA)"

In another e-mail from Dean (Jul 97) he says: "I know of at least 3 different Bradford families who lived in the Adams Co(town of Manchester) and Brown Co. (town of Aberdeen) Ohio. One family if (sic) Gov. William Bradford. Many of them are buried in Aberdeen (across the river from Maysville KY). The government once relocated a cemetery, and during the relocation the Bradford family was researched. This is the family of Samuel Bradford who came from Red Lyons, PA. He served in the Delaware army during the Revolutionary War. I also know of 3 different Bradford families in Scioto Co. which is adjacent to Adams and Brown County.

Another Bradford I want to place is Samuel Bradford of Worcester Co. He has many descendents. Samuel's family migrated to Marion Co. KY and established the town of Bradfordville

 Happy New Year! Joe Bradford
Justin, Texas

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