Friday, July 17, 2015

The Search For Red Lion Sam Continues

Samuel Bradford, (known as Red Lion Sam in this blog) was born around 1690 and died in 1767.  He was the maternal grandfather of our Rebecca Bradford Miller. This far we have been unable to find out anything about his parents or where he came from. We only have his New Castle County, Delaware will and some land records (see previous posts).

Research into his son, William Bradford, has not provided many clues to his father's life, other than William attended a Presbyterian Church (possibly indicating the family was Scots or Scots-Irish).  William's will below does not extend our information about his father Samuel, but it does seem to indicate that William and his wife, Elinor (spelling unsure; later spellings included Eleanor) Bradford were able to sign this document in their own handwriting, and not just make a mark. To me this indicates that they both had received some degree of education, and that their respective parents must have been of a class that could afford such education.

Was Red Lion Sam a well-to-do tobacco farmer, or a merchant, or both? How did his daughter, Sarah, come to know the other Samuel Bradford in her life, her future husband, who definitely was Scots-Irish?

For more information about Red Lion Sam's land holdings, use the search box to the right and put in "Dragon Swamp."  Interesting...but again not containing any clues as to his parentage or place of origin.

I hope can all join me in finding the origins of our elusive Red Lion Sam!

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