Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is Abner Bradford Related to Either of our Samual Bradford's?

Am still trying to determine if there is any connection between this Abner Bradford and our Samuel Bradford of Red Lion Hundred, Newcastle County, DE.  Research indicates pretty convincingly that this Abner's line goes back to Governor Bradford, and while I know that Samuel Bradford who is the father of our Rebecca Bradord is Scots-Irish and does not connect in any way to Gov. Bradford, we do have a second, unrelated Samuel Bradford [Rebecca's maternal grandfather, again of Red Lion Hundred] whom no researcher has been able to connect to any other Bradford line.

While I can find no relationship between Red Lion Sam and this Abner Bradford, I have also not been able to rule out a connection between them.

So let's all get to work and see if we can find if and how Abner Bradford and Red Lion Sam are related! There are so many online resources in this day and age that we should be able to either prove or disprove a connection.  Please post here or write me at the email above if you find ant connection, and I will too!

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