Saturday, June 24, 2017

Where Did Red Lion Sam Come From?

In the hunt to find the ancestral home of "Red Lion Sam,", and going on the thesis that he was of Scots-Irish extraction, I have been searching the very meager records available for Ulster in the 18th century.  The following record was found at

The "flax growers" would, I believe, have been the equivalent of "ranch managers," not the actual owners of the plantations who were usually quite wealth, possibly titled, and whose names do appear on records.

Hence, the Bradford's mentioned below probablay do not connect in any way to our Bradford's.  However, it is gratifying to find that this surname exists in at least this record from Northern Ireland, as I have found that in the few records that do exist for this time period, the name Bradford is rarely mentioned.

As ever, more research is needed and time will tell if either of our Bradford lines connect to these names.

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