Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Challenge Issued

I was just pondering William Miller's military status (did he serve in the Revolutionary War or not??), and thus gave this record another look. Some have thought this is our William...others disagree.

First question: Does anyone have a clearer copy in order to decipher the handwritten part in the middle?

Second question: While the 3rd Maryland Regiment was not originally composed of men from Cecil County, it combined and recombined with other groups. It formed in 1776 and disbanded in 1783, though members could have finished their service before this. Is it in the realm of possibility that this could be our William?? It's pretty clear that some of his brothers served (we'll cover that in future posts), and we have the family legend that he built boats for Washington for the Chesapeake campaigns. It is hard to think that there isn't some scrap of evidence somewhere regarding our William's possible military service.

Comments are welcome, and I would challenge all of us to redouble our efforts at solving this mystery once and for all.

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