Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sorting Out The William's

In our ongoing quest to find our William Miller, the following references show how our scant sources of information sometimes shed as much confusion as light:

From the History of Cecil County by Henry C. Peden we have these excerpts:

1. Miller, William m. Rebecca Bradford ca. 13 Jun 1778 (lic); took Oath of Allegiance in 1778; appeared on property list (3 white males in household) in 4th Dist. in 1773 (tax list); voted on Congressional election in January, 1789 (MSA Microfilm M1068).
[our William had moved to Fayette County, PA by 1783. Regarding the voting in 1789, are they confusing him with the other William?...did he come back to Maryland to vote?? Doubtful...]

2. Miller, William (doctor) and Sophia Cox m. ca. 25 Dec 1797 (lic.)
[perhaps this is the William who voted in the above-named election?]

3. Miller, William. Two men with this name took the Oath of Allegiance in 1778 (A-7, A-18). One William Miller married Rebecca Bradford, Jun 13, 1778 (O-2).
[so the latter was obviously our William...was the other one the doctor?]

And from the "Revolutionary Patriots" series of books, also by Peden:

4. "William, Miller. Private, Capt. Samuel Smith's Company, Continental Troops. Enlisted on February 13, 1776, and in barracks at Dover on April 12, 1776. He subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity in 1778...There is also a William Miller who enlisted in the Delaware Militia on May 27, 1782..."
[are either of these William's ours??...the first one could be, as we don't really know what our William was doing in the years just preceding his marriage to Rebecca in Cecil County in 1778. Dover, Delaware was only 45 miles away, and we know the troops traveled extensively during the Revolutionary War]

This is just one of endless examples of information that has led so many researchers on the Miller-Bradford line to tear their hair out! However, with us all working together, we will persevere and "win the prize" some day!


  1. #1 I thought our William moved to Fayette Cty by 1783, not 1773...

    By the way...can anyone produce an image of the 1790 census that shows, w/o ?, what township they were in? Same with Sarah and David Bradford. HeritageQuest says one township and Ancestry says another. Neither one will give me an image. Also can't find them on 1800 census. "Widdow Bradford" is in Dunbar in 1800.

  2. Typo! Thanks for the heads up, Lori...I've fixed it! I don't think I have an image of the 1790 either, but will check.


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