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Miller Genealogy by Chalmers Williams - Part 1

Pictured: White Clay Creek, Newcastle County, Delaware
[Note: In the past I had difficulty copying and pasting information into the blog, but the trouble seems to have cleared up. So for the next several posts I want to share some of the great research done by others. I am thrilled to start with this wonderful outline about the Miller family, the result of untold hours of research by Chalmers Williams, which he has graciously given permission to reprint here. ]
Descendants of David Miller
by Chalmers Williams with the assistance of Donna Snider, descendants of David Miller’s grandson, William Miller
Generation 1
1. David Miller-1. He died on Bet. 19 Mar 1736/37-1740 in New Castle, Delaware, USA. He married the daughter of Ninian Dunlap.
Thus far we do not know where David Miller was born, but a good guess might be in Ulster Ireland in about 1680. Certainly his father was born there and appears to have been part of the early Scotch migration to this county. The first record of Ninian Dunlap so far discovered is in Somerset Co., Maryland in 1689. It would appear that Ninian was in the New Castle - Cecil Cos. area before 1700.
On April 20, 1703 [another record says 1700], Robert French of New Castle deeds to David Miller of White Clay Creek a tract of land situated on the south side of White Rock Creek bounded by Andrew Tilly and the creek containing 300 acres. Wit.: James Coutts and Roeloffe Dehaes. Recorded: July 28, 1704 (From New Castle County, Delaware Land Records, 1673-1710, by Carol Bryant, p. 105.)
On Nov 11, 1711, John Willson of Christianna Hun., gent., granted to David Miller, yeoman, of White Creek Hun. a 160 acre tract of land in Christanna Creek [Hun.] bounded by land of Robert Hutchinson & Lowdon. In addition to Hutchinson, Andrew Stilly [Tilley] and James Anderson names appear on this document. See p. 106, New Castle County, Delaware, Land Records, 1715-1728, by Carol Bryant
A Minian or Ninian Dunlap of Newcastle Co. granted land to David Miller of Christiana Creek " for great love and affection for well beloved son-in-law." This reference is incomplete and needs additional research; however, see below. Abstracts of Cecil County, Maryland, Land Records, by June D. Brown, p 161. Note that David’s property he purchased from Wilson in 1711 was in Christianna Hun.
In James Anderson's will dated Mar 20, 1716/17, David Miller is referred to as "brother" implying that James married David's sister. Others mentioned in James' will are daughters Hannah, Mary, and sons James, John, Peter, Samuel. A James Anderson appears to have been a local Rev. at the time.
On Jul. 16, 1739, John Miller, David Miller, Rev'd. Thompson and Jno. Bayard, Jr. witness a deed to Samuel McDowell of New Castle Co. John Miller may have been a brother? See p. 106, New Castle County, Delaware, Land Records, 1715-1728, by Carol Bryant.
In a deed recorded Aug. 8, 1749, in Cecil Co. by Robert Ritchy reference is made to a tract of land called "Sligo" and also of a tract called "Momon" [Monyn] which were the estate of Ninian Dunlap by patent granted Oct 10, 1708 and gifted to David Miller Apr. 17, 1714. Miller subsequent sold parts of this land to Robert and John Ritchy. Inhabitants of Cecil County, 1649-1774, by Henry C. Peden, p 24, indicates that Ninian Dunlap patented a 400 acre "Sligo" in 1696. Sligo is a parish of Sligo, County Armagh, Ireland [see comment below]. Samuel Alexander also received half of Sligo in 1714. Abstracts of Cecil County, Maryland Land Records, 1734-1753 by June D. Brown, p 155.
A Ninian Dunlap is in Somerset County in 1689. Migration from Ulster - The early migrations, 1649 - 1717 by Richard MacMaster.
A 1706 petition from Newcastle, Delaware, to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, for instance, noted that "the greatest number of us born and educated in Ireland under the ministry of Mr. William Traill Presbyterian minister formerly at liford" i.e. Lifford, Co. Donegal "settled with our families at Newcastle and about it." The petitioners included Ninian Dunlap, David Miller, and Andrew Miller.
On May 10, 1735, Abraham Miller, farmer, and his wife Rossannah [Susannah] of Pencader Hun., New Castle Co. sell to Samuel Raulston of Mill Creek Hun. for 72 pounds 150 acres acquired by Abraham from David Miller. This tract is on the south side of White Clay Creek and bounds by the property of Joseph Rinkin and Tilly. The tract is ½ of 300 acres acquired by David Miller April 20, 1700, from French (see above) and conveyed to Abraham Feb.1, 1730. Abraham signs his name and Rossanna makes her mark on the deed. Rossanna is examined by James Armitage. Recorded: April 29, 1742. This would indicate that Abraham was born about 1710.
On July 1, 1740, Joseph Miller of Hun. & County of New Castle, cartwright and Mary, his wife sell for 200 pounds to James King, merchant of same place a plantation containing 160 acres. This is part of a larger tract that David Miller, yeoman dec'd seized in his lifetime. The tract is located on the west side of the Delaware River and the north side of Red Lyon Creek and both sides of Pidgeon Run. David Miller granted 150 acres of this land to William Roddey by indenture dated April 7, 1730. The land is bounded by the lands of Peter Anderson, John Garretson and John Reynolds. Said David Miller's Last Will dated March 19 1736/7 devised the remaining 160 acres to son Joseph. The deed is signed by Joseph and Mary makes her mark. Wit: Samuel Plat, John Dawson. Mary is examined by Jno Housman.
On March 31, 1743, Robert Miller of Ocotara Hundred, Cecil County, Maryland, carpenter, and his wife, Jane, convey for 52 pounds to Morton Morton a tract and plantation containing 80 acres. This tact is half on the 160 acres that David Miller owned. David Miller, late of Hun.& County of New Castle, bequeathed by his will equally the 160 acres to his sons Robert and Samuel. Witnesses: Elihu Hall, Elisha Hall, James McMullan. Jean was examined by John Finney. The transaction was recorded June 2, 1743.
According to a deed dated May 18,1762, made by Andrew Miller of White Clay Creek Hun.., mariner, Samuel Miller died intestate and without issue. The deed states that Samuel Miller had two brothers, Abraham and Robert Miller, and a sister, Mary Blackburn, living at his death. Also, Samuel had two other brothers, James and Joseph Miller, who were diseased at Samuel's death but survived by four male heirs, Samuel's nephews. The deed states that Samuel's land was deeded to Andrew Miller, son of Joseph Miller, dec'd., on Nov. 27, 1761. The other nephews are not named. Andrew sold the land to Thomas Moore; witnesses are Thomas Jaquet and Robert Bryan.
(to be continued)


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  2. CORRECTION: In the 8th paragraph above, it is mentioned that "Sligo is a parish in County Armagh" Northern Ireland. It is actually both the county seat and the county of Sligo which is not part of Ulster (the Northern Ireland counties), but rather lies about 40 miles west of the Northern Ireland border. See:


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