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Miller Genealogy by Chalmers Williams - Part 2

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More Great Research From Chalmers:

"Children of David Miller and Dunlap are (not in birth order):

2. I. Abraham Miller, B: Abt. 1710 in New Castle, Delaware, USA, D: Aft. 1770 in Cecil Co., Maryland; Owned Simms Forest on Perch Creek.

ii. Robert Miller, B: Abt. 1710 in New Castle, Delaware, USA.

iii. Samuel Miller, B: Abt. 1710 in New Castle, Delaware, USA, D: Bef. 1761 in White Clay Creek, New Castle, Delaware, USA.

iv. Joseph Miller, D: Bef. 1761 in New Castle, Delaware, USA.

v. Mary Miller married a Blackburn.

vi. James Miller, D: Bef. 1761 in New Castle, Delaware, USA.


2. Abraham Miller-2(David Miller-1) was born on Abt. 1710 in New Castle, Delaware, USA. His death on Aft. 1770 in Cecil Co., Maryland (Owned Simms Forest on Perch Creek). He married Susanna before Feb 1, 1730. She was likely born in New Castle, Delaware, USA

Abraham Miller of New Castle co., Pa. purchased Simms Forest located in Back Water Hundred from George Hamilton of Prince Georges Co., Maryland on May 13, 1749. The bond recording the purchase was recorded Nov. 9, 1749. Witnesses: Rees Thomas and Martin Alexander. (Abstracts of Cecil County, Maryland Land Records, 1734-1753, p 157, by June D. Brown.

Tax records show Abraham was taxed on Simms Forest in 1755 and 1766. Andrew Miller is taxed on Knowlwood in 1766. Andrew is likely a son of Abraham. Taxables in Back Creek Hundred in 1761 include Andrew Miller, Abraham Miller, Benjamin Miller, William Miller and James Miller. In 1766: Abraham, Benjamin, William and Andrew Miller are listed.

Overseers of roads lists Abraham Miller in Back Creek in 1760. An Abraham Miller is also listed in 1765, 1767 and 1770 though his area is not given it appears to be Back Water Hun. From Inhabitants of Cecil County, 1649-1774 by Henry C. Peden.

Children of Abraham Miller and Susanna are:

I. William Miller, B: 22 Feb 1732 in probably New Castle Co., Delaware[1], D: 1814 in near Broadford, Dunbar Tsp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania, M: 13 Jun 1778 in Cecil Co., Maryland.

ii. Andrew Miller. Probably

iii. Benjamin Miller, B: New Castle, Delaware, USA.

iv. Samuel Miller - possibly

3. Joseph Miller-2(David Miller-1). He died on Bef. 1761 in New Castle, Delaware, USA. He married Mary.

Child of Joseph Miller and Mary is:

I. Andrew Miller


4. William Miller-3(Abraham Miller-2, David Miller-1) was born on 22 Feb 1732 in probably New Castle Co., Delaware. He died in 1814 near Broadford, Dunbar Tsp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He married Rebecca Bradford on 13 Jun 1778 in Cecil Co., Maryland, daughter of Samuel Bradford and Sarah Bradford. She was born about1760 in Maryland ?[2]. She died on 08 Mar 1835 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.

William signed an oath of allegiance in Cecil Co., Maryland on March 2, (or June 13 ?) 1778. He and Rebecca were married by Rev. William Thomson in Cecil Co. (Source: Cecil Co., Maryland Marriage Licenses 1777-1840). William was a native of Maryland but removed to Fayette Co., Penn. after the Revolution. The source for this and William Miller's children is the Allen Family Records presented to the DAR, Monongahela Valley Chapter, California, Penn. Dec. 1969.

Actually, from the records we now have it would appear that William and Rebecca and her Bradford family left Cecil Co. by Sept of 1780 when he sold his mill property to his brother. In fact, William made his first purchase of land in what became Fayette Co. in 1771. It is also interesting that though his brothers Benjamin and Andrew were very active in the Revolution, the only record we have of William is the signing of oaths of allegiance in Cecil Co in 1778 and again in Fayette Co. In 1782. My guess is that William was not an active supporter for either side. The Bradfords seem to also not have been active in the Revolution.

Rev. William Thompson was an Anglican minister. He also married John Miller to Margaret McCray, Aug. 3, 1778 and Henry Miller, Jr. to Sarah Knox Aug. 8 1780. These Millers may be relatives of William.

On Sept 22, 1780, Wm Miller and wife Rebecca grant to Benjamin Miller and Richard Ford land on both sides of Perch Creek and on the east side of Elk River (mill). Land was granted to Benjamin Miller Sept 9,1765 by the court for a mill. (Source: handwritten notes by Captain Jeremiah Baker, Chap., DAR - handwriting is difficult to read.) This land is out of the larger Simms Forest tract."

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  1. Chalmers, don't we also have a record or two where Abraham Miller's wife's name is listed as Rosanna? I can see where those two names, Susanna and Rosanna could get mixed up in old script.


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