Friday, November 7, 2014


Just some miscellaneous items of interest for you while I'm working on the 3rd Somerset County, MD, article: 
Donegal in Autumn
1.  From The Ulster Foundation’s early November newsletter:

For anyone interested in Scots-Irish families and DNA analysis,
check out Barry McCain's blog
and the Scots-Irish DNA Project website: 
Over 500 families are currently participating in the project.
Those of you whose ancestors were Highland Scots or Redshanks
will find it particularly interesting.

2.  I also now own (thanks to my brother!) the following book: Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The Essential Genealogical Guide to Early Modern Ulster, 1600-1800 by William Roulston.  As you know, researching Scots-Irish records is quite a challenge because there are very few records and most are only available through PRONI (see below), but this book promises to make great strides in aiding our research (thanks Bill!).

3.  Of course, what we really need is for the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) to allow the microfilmers in to copy their voluminous archives!  Very few records are available online, but at least the electronic "card catalogue" is now available and will hopefully make searching out our Scots-Irish ancestors just a little easier:

  •  (name search)
  • (search catalogue)
  • (browse catalogue)

Except for the name search, I can't say that it looks super user-friendly (, but if any of you have luck with a search, let me know!

If any of the online addresses in this article don’t come across as "hot links,” you will have to cut and paste them into your search engine’s Search Box.

Hope you are all having a lovely Autumn, wherever you are! - donna

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