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Rachel Dawson Miller - William and Rebecca's Daughter-In-Law

Mahoning County, Ohil
Below is the Mahoning County, Ohio, 1850 Census showing the wife of William and Rebecca's son, *Samuel, Rachel (Dawson) Miller. Rachel and Samuel were married in this area on 6 June 1810 (though  1846 this area was still Columbiana County), and their children were all born here.  Samuel had passed away 1850, probably before this census, as he does not appear in it.

At the time of the census, Rachel was 60 years old and living next door to her son, Silas and his family. Children Lovinia, Maria (also seen as Mariah in other records), Allen and Amy (my great grandmother and future wife of Zadok Charpier) were teenagers and still living at home.

We are lucky to have such records readily available online nowadays to help us learn more about our ancestors. We've not been able to find a picture of Rachel or Samuel. If any of you have one, please write to me at the email address listed near the top of this blog so we can share a copy. Thanks!

*Samuel was born to William and Rebecca on 1 May 1783 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Mahoning County 1850 Census

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  1. Thanks to one of our great members, Diane Tichenor, who pointed out that in the above post, Trumball County needed to be changed to Columbiana County. Diane sent more great info on this branch of the family which I will post soon. Would love to get emails from all of you!! - donna


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