Sunday, March 15, 2015


Great news for all my fellow Bradford researchers!

It looks like the Bradford Surname DNA Project ( is still alive and well, and is now reaching out through  [**Note:  It appears that the delmarvabradfords site is actually not working right now. I have emailed the creator to see if there is another way to access his information.  But the MyHeritage link is good].

Below is a screen shot of the main page and if you look under the "Goals" section, they are looking for "...representatives from every distinct Bradford lineage...who may share a common descent."  Ultimately the goal is to work backwards and find the origins of each of these lines.

Since there are so few records available for our Bradfords, this opens up exciting possibilities!  It is so important that as many descendants of Samuel as possible join this website and also that Bradford surname male descendants take this particular DNA test.  You can sign up for the test and also join MyHeritage at this link (sorry it didn't come over as a hot link, so you will have to copy and paste it):

There is a free trial going on right now to join and after that it's incredibly cheap, under $10.00 per year. The DNA test is only $99.

I'm joining MyHeritage and hope you will do the same!


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