Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Miller-Bradford Pedigree and Brick Walls

Now and then I like to add a pedigree to the blog so we don't get lost in who we are talking about (sorry it's a little fuzzy):

This chart shows where the work is cut out for us:  

  1. Finding the parents of  Rosannah Roddy
  2. Finding the parents of Samuel Bradford (1727-1782)
  3. Finding the parents of Samuel Bradford (1705-1767) and of his wife, Margret.

I hope you will join me in trying to break through these research "brick walls"!!

In addition, I have only shown William and Rebecca's son, Samuel (and his wife, Rachel Dawson) in this chart.  Now and then I write about Samuel and Rachel, but I would be happy to add posts about William and Rebecca's other children if any of you would like to email me stories and pictures about them!  The same goes for information about Samuel and Rachel Dawson's many children.  It would be wonderful for all of us to find out more about our "cousins."  Thank you!

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