Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Land Record Found--David Miller to Son, Abraham Miller

Here is part of the land record of Newcastle County, Delaware, wherein On 1 Feb. 1730, land is deeded from David Miller (of the "County of Newcastle") to his son, Abraham (our William Miller's father). It's 300 acres south of White Clay Creek in Newcastle County, DE. David Miller had originally purchased this land from Robert French ("of the town of Newcastle"), deed dated 20 April 1703.
David Miller does this "for the good will and natural affection which he bears unto his son Abraham Miller" and passes to him "one-half of the aforementioned tract of land [thus 150 acres]...", including any buildings, etc. All this was done "in the presence of Thomas, John and James Armitage."

I've estimated the birth of Abraham to be around 1710, so this would make him about 20 years old. No wife of Abraham is mentioned in this record (a very common practice as I have seen in other deeds from this source), so it looks like his father deeded this land to him when Abraham was a young single man.  

This record also firmly establishes that the Miller's were in Newcastle County, Delaware in 1730.

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